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LocalChat is a privacy-aware local chat bot that allows you to interact with a broad variety of generative large language models (LLMs) on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Imagine ChatGPT, but without the for-profit corporation and the data issues.

An impression of LocalChat


Please view the guide which contains the full documentation of LocalChat.

Support & Questions

For me, LocalChat is a hobby project, and I have a ton of work elsewhere. This means that I would like to ask you not to expect any progress. I will try to keep it updated and fix bugs, but I will not give any guarantee. If you find a bug, or have an improvement suggestion, feel free to open an issue, but I may never respond, depending on how life goes.

If you want to contribute and make LocalChat better, please feel free to open a Pull Request. A well-designed PR has a much higher chance of me reacting, approving, merging, and releasing changes that come in the form of a PR, simply because I don’t have to do the implementation. Even if you’re unsure if your PR is “good”, open it – the likelihood of me telling you where I think it needs improvement is still higher than reacting to issues.

Final Thoughts

If LocalChat works for you and you enjoy it, feel free to give a shoutout (Bluesky) or (Mastodon), or tip me on PayPal. The latter is mainly important since I provide the Zettlr code signing certificates for LocalChat as well, and those cost (a lot of) money.

Also, have a look at Zettlr, my main project that I usually work on.

Have a nice day!