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This repository contains a collection of various lists of academics on Mastodon. These lists are curated by many awesome folks across various disciplines, so make sure to give them kudos as well!

Academics on Mastodon

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Curated Account Lists

The following are curated lists of academic accounts on Mastodon by discipline. If you would like to start your own group, head over to the original repository, fork it, adapt it, and publish it. Then, make sure to add your list here by proposing a pull request!

[!NOTE] These lists are opt-in only, so if you would like to appear on one or more of these lists, click their link. The lists provide instructions. Many lists even provide a form which you can fill in yourself. If you notice that a list violates the opt-in principle, please notify us so that we can take action.

Select, opt-in lists are also available though this handy web app.

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Official University Accounts

This list includes only official university-affiliated accounts.

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There are also groups over on Mastodon that you can use to connect to fellow academics. Start your own or view more groups here.

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Preprint/bibliography bots

These bots provide automated access to a few preprint servers.

[!WARNING] If you notice malicious behavior by these bots, please notify us.

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If you are in academia and do not know where to register your account in the fediverse, you may find some space on one of the following instances. For a comprehensive guide to migrating servers click here.

[!TIP] If you would rather like to register on a university server but yours does not offer one, you could attempt to lobby for one by passing on this call to action.

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Wider Fediverse Information



Lemmy and Kbin are link aggregators on the Fediverse, similar to Reddit. They are generally compatible with each other.



Matrix is a secure messaging application similar to Discord, Slack, Telegram, and WhatsApp.


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Additional Mastodon Resources

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Contributions welcome! Feel free to add academic lists or new groups and submit a PR! Just make sure your additions are on topic. Feel free to reach out to us: and


This list is primarily maintained by Hendrik Erz (Linköpings Universitet). Below you can find ways to contact me in case you have individual questions regarding this collection of lists, or if you would report a potential opt-in violation (or similar issues).

[!CAUTION] This contact info is not meant to send me links to new lists. If you would like to add a list, please open a PR instead! In case that this somehow doesn’t work for you, you can also open an issue, state why the PR didn’t work, and provide the link to the list (and optionally the form). I receive dozens of work-related emails via the address below, so by keeping everything list-related here on GitHub I can keep that separated. Thank you very much for your understanding.


This list (but none of the linked content) is licensed via CC BY-NC 4.0 International. Please read the License file for further details and exceptions from this license.